Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the process with Shred All work?

We will work with your company to determine the type of collection bins that you require, shredding frequency and collection times that best suit your needs. We provide you with as many security containers as you need, free of charge as long as you use our service. At the scheduled time, our truck will come to you and our bonded employee will discretely remove the documents to be shredded and destroy them at your premises. Upon completion, you are issued a Certificate of Destruction certifying the time and date that your documents were destroyed.

2. What happens if our container gets full before our scheduled visit?

Just call us and we will schedule you in before your next visit. For your convenience and with your approval, we can discuss your current scheduling needs and/or deliver extra containers as necessary.

3. Do I need to remove staples, fasteners or paperclips?

No, our industrial strength shredder can destroy these types of material.

4. What happens to the shredded paper?

Our paper is sent to a paper recycler and it is recycled into another paper product.

5. Why should we shred if we recycle?

Recycling companies are not designed to provide secure document destruction. They are unable to provide proof that your sensitive material has been destroyed. Most collection bins are unlocked and your confidential papers are exposed to anyone.

6. What materials do you shred?

We can shred all paper products, cardboard, banker boxes, brochures, flyers, bound reports, file folders, phone books etc…

7. Can I keep my banker boxes?

Yes, we can provide a container to dump your sensitive documents into so that your boxes may be re-used.

8. How does Shred All charge?

We charge by the size of the container. There is no charge for the use of the containers, no charge for travel time and we don’t charge for our time when we shred. For purge jobs, our representative will visit your location and evaluate your needs and provide you with an accurate quote.

9. Why Use a Shredding Company?

You will save time and money and it is convenient and affordable. It is cheaper to outsource your shredding needs than doing it in house. It takes an employee 5 hours to shred 50 pounds of paper. We offer new, state of the art equipment that can do the task in minutes. It frees up your staff and your business is not disrupted. There is no equipment to buy.

10. We store our documents, why shred?

Documents will eventually become dated and outlive their usefulness. From a risk management perspective, the only acceptable way of discarding these records is to destroy them using our secure method of complete destruction. You will also receive a Certificate of Destruction to verify the date and time that the documents were destroyed.

11. Why can’t I just burn documents?

Besides the damage to the environment, it is illegal in many municipalities to burn these products.

12. Can I witness the destruction of my documents?

Yes, you can watch the process of the destruction from our truck monitor taken from our three cameras.