Protecting The Environment

Shred-All's Environmental Contribution and Commitment

Shred-All Ensures You Are Environmentally Responsible Through Recycling

Did you know…

  • The USA throws away 1,000,000,000 trees-worth of paper each year
  • We could save 20 million acres of forest if we could recycle half the world’s paper waste.
  • Almost ¾ of all landfill waste is paper and cardboard
  • Each American uses around 465 trees-worth of paper in their life-time
  • Workers in the financial sector produce up to 3 lbs of waste paper daily
  • Workers in other types of business generate some 1.5 lbs of waste each day

We all know how important it is to recycle these days, both at home and in the office.

You may be unnecessarily spending more than you need on garbage collection services when all your waste paper refuse could be sent to a recycling facility where it will be regenerated as new paper products and given a second lease of live.

Worse still, all that discarded paper documentation may also represent a risk to your company or your clients if it should get into the wrong hands. And if you have not taken steps to adequately protect your clients’ personal details you could be held liable for identify theft.

for every 200lbs of paper shredded and recycled, you save one tree

Shred All’s secure document and data destruction services is a safe, efficient and cost-effective way to protect against the risks of identity theft and fraud and at the same time do your part to protect the environment.

Our state-of-the art shredding equipment renders all your paper documentation un-reconstructable (unlike straight-cutting paper shredders whose documents can be re-assembled) and we send all our paper waste to a recycling facility where it is turned back into new paper products. We also provide you with a certificate of destruction which you can share with your clients to show them that you take seriously the protection of their sensitive information.

Why not let Shred All help you enhance your eco-friendly reputation and boost your clients’ confidence in your professionalism at the same time?

Interesting Facts about Paper Recycling

One ton of recycled paper saves:

  • 17 trees
  • 4,100 kilowatt hours of electricity (sufficient energy for powering the average USA home for five months)
  • 7,000 gallons of water
  • 2 barrels of oil
  • 3 cubic yards of landfill space
  • Manufacturing recycled paper necessitates:
  • 74% less air pollution
  • 35% less water pollution
  • 58% less water
  • 64% less energy

… than making paper from raw materials.

1 ton of high-grade recyclable paper = 3 tons of wood saved

  • 1 ton of newspaper = 24 trees
  • 500,000+ trees are needed to produce Americans’ Sunday newspapers
  • Less than 1/3% of all newspapers are recycled

Contact Shred All to learn more about how your business can improve security and confidentiality while protecting the environment at the same time.