Why Choose Shred All

Protecting Your Business

  • Money-saving
  • Time saving
  • No contracts
  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • Efficient
  • Secure
  • Proof of destruction
  • No equipment to buy or maintain

We will save you hard-earned money and valuable time because our document destruction services are inexpensive, accessible and very well-organized.

Our state of the art shredding equipment will destroy your documents securely within just minutes leaving your employees free to continue generating business and revenue for your company.

We can shed 50 pounds of documents in just a fraction of the five hours or so it would take one of your personnel to do the same. Why waste their time and your money? And why invest your valuable resources in costly in-house equipment when it could be better used elsewhere to expand your company?

Shredding your own documents can also be a security hazard. Documents shredded by straight cut shredders can easily be reassembled and what proof do you have to show your clients that their sensitive information really has been destroyed?

In addition, document shredding is a dusty, noisy and messy process – wouldn’t it be better to keep your office a clean, quiet and dust-free employment to work in?

Identity Theft

Identify theft is one of the most rapidly expanding areas of criminal activity and there is justifiably increased public attention being paid to privacy laws. You need to be able to assure your clients that you have taken adequate steps to protect their confidential information and be sure that sensitive documents do not get into the hands of the wrong people or your company could be held liable.

With Shred All’s efficient, professional and very secure information destruction services you can be sure that your customers, employees and business are well-protected. Our cutting edge shredding equipment will destroy your documents and other data so that it is totally un-reconstructable. And we provide you with legal certification to verify that your information has been safely and effectively destroyed.

Certificates of Destruction

We provide all our clients with a detailed certificate of destruction verifying the time and date at which your sensitive documentation was destroyed. This serves as a legal record of compliance for you to share with your clients showing that you have taken professional steps to protect their confidential information and minimize the risks of identity theft.

Legal Requirements

Shred-All’s secure document shredding service with certificated proof of destruction can reinforce your company’s business reputation because it shows your clients that you take the safeguarding of their sensitive documents and personal data seriously and will take all necessary steps to ensure that their information is destroyed competently and professionally without confidentiality.

Environmentally Responsible

Recycling paper has a substantial benefit on our eco-system. Together we can help secure the environment by saving trees. Our shredded materials go to a paper recycler. For every ton of paper recycled, you help save 17 trees and 2 cubic yards of landfill space.

Legal chain of custody

Shred All can help to satisfy your legal obligations which may call for you to set up a verifiable chain of custody for all documents and data that are to be destroyed. We can help you create a system that registers the who, when, what, where and how of sensitive document handling – right up until the moment they are effectively destroyed and rendered un-reconstructable. Talk to us today to find out how.

Office Shredder Risks

  • Straight cut strips of paper can be reassembled
  • Irregular shredding practices leave you vulnerable
  • No verification of destruction
  • Time-consuming
  • Messy and dusty
  • Noisy, clogs
  • Safety hazard
  • Staff accessible to confidential information
  • Equipment expensive
  • No proof of destruction

Shred All is prepared to service all of your secure document destruction needs.

If you would like a free trial of our on-site document shredding service at your office, call 1-888-718-2448.