It's Time To Get The Best Shredding Services In The Market!

There are papers that you can just crumple and throw to the ground; there are those papers that you will chew up then spit out; there are those papers that you will tear up and throw; and there are those papers that need to be shredder to the tiniest of pieces. How you choose paper depends on how confidential the information therein is.

It may be information that you want no one to see, lest he or she steals your ideas. On the other hand, maybe it is information that if anyone laid his or her eyes upon would take you down.

Whatever the reason for your document destruction needs, Shred All will be able to shred it all and leave no hint or trace of evidence.

Why Shred All Is The Best In The Market

1. Friendly Costing

You may find other shredding companies charging expensive and unbelievably high prices for shredding your papers. We at Shred All give you a friendly cost for shredding your paper. Even with our cheap rates, we offer transportation, coming for your papers that we may shred them. Be well assured that they are in ‘good hands’. In fact, no hand gets to touch them nor eyes see them until after the shredding. We let you feed the papers to the shredding containers.

2. Proper service

At Shred All, we ensure that you get the best service possible. This includes doing the job fast enough, that in case of emergency or urgency you are served. It also includes doing the job in a thorough method, leaving no room for error. We also ensure confidentiality, which you will be sure that no one gets to see your papers, even us ourselves. All service is done in utmost confidentiality, speed, urgency and effectiveness

3. Variety

Depending on your preference, Shred All offers different shredding containers to meet your demands. If you find one container better in shredding than the other, your choice is followed. Moreover, in case you do not know much about it, we give suitable and appropriate advice on what container to use, to attaining our customer’s satisfaction.

4. Disposal

You may want to know how your paper is disposed. Maybe you want it destroyed, burned etc. On the other hand, being an environmentalist, you may want to follow up and ensure your paper was recycled. Whatever the case, we at Shred All sit down with you and come to an agreement on how you want your paper to be disposed, even after shredding.

5. Protection

Not only do we ensure confidentiality but we also protect you. We make sure that your information is safe and no one else can steal it to use it. There is also insurance, meaning compensation in case the agreement is breached.

Shredding is not a simple affair, as many would assume. We take our job seriously, ensuring customer satisfaction as well as professionalism of the highest order. Our major core-values as Shred All include affordability, professionalism and security. Feel safe to trust us with your work. We are pretty precise in document destruction.

Do you need confidential documents and other important papers to be destroyed? You can count on Shred All Secure Document Destruction for that!

If you would like a free trial of our on-site document shredding service at your office, call 519-418-2448 or apply online today.