Proper Disposal Is A Priority To Prevent Environmental Degradation

The world we live in has been polluted in all manner of ways, hazardous smoke from industries and exhaust from cars in the air, oil spills and sewerage drainage in our rivers and oceans, unnecessary noises that may damage our ears, garbage all around the land. Not only does this make the environment that we live in look bad and be unclean, it is also very hazardous to the health and well being of animals and human beings as well.

When it comes to shredding companies, they have a great challenge in keeping the environment clean.

Shredding at home may not be such a big deal but shredding companies get big orders to shred. They get multiple papers and books to do away with but they are not shredded to thin air. The client is satisfied that the company has shredded the papers and done a good job at it, yet the shredding company, however, needs to know where to dispose all these shredded pieces of paper.

Here are a few good ideas of what to do with the shredded papers, instead of disposing them aimlessly and carelessly:

1. Packing Material

The best thing about shredded paper is that it reduces waste volume, which in itself is already a plus. Take to imagination one piece of paper crumpled and another shredded, which takes up a larger volume? With this in mind, you can use shredded paper as packing material. When moving, in order to keep the stuff in the box intact, you use packing material all round, thus making the box compact and ensuring minimal movements of the things in the box. Shredded paper can really come in handy in this exercise, filling all through.

2. Animal Bedding

Shredded paper can actually be used to make a very nice bed for animals. Have all shredded papers in bags; this creates a very nice bed for animals in sheds. Papers (not plastic or polythene) are known to be biodegradable and thus can even decompose quite well. Not only is this ecological but also economical. You get to save on buying animal beds while at the same time selling the shredded paper at a low price still earns you some money.

3. Fuel Briquettes

Briquettes have grown to be a very nice viable choice of fuel. It prevents cutting down of trees and as well reduces use of other non-renewable sources of fuel such as oil, creating quite the blend/balance.

4. Ash

Ash has very many uses. You can use it as a fertilizer, you can use it in artistic ways e.g. collages, or you can even use it as an abrasive in washing. Therefore, you can choose to burn up your shredded paper in a closed furnace and get ash which you can use for these purposes and so much more.

These and other ways to use shredded paper will not only earn you some cash but also even save the environment.

Make sure you keep your environment clean. Remember, it is not just the environment; it is YOUR environment!

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