6 Simple Ways To Improve Information Security

Do Your Employees Do This?

With the news full of stories of whistle blowers and data breaches in mega corporations, it's easy to forget the simpler aspects of information security in the workplace, and focusing on how your employees do their job, and what processes they follow.

Here are 6 simple, and inexpensive, strategies to improve your information security!

  1. Ensure that employees are regularly trained on data security practices and privacy laws. E-newsletters, signs, and special events also help to provide regular security awareness reminders. Ask your employees to sign confidentiality agreements, acknowledging that they are aware of the information security measures.
  2. Limit and control access to sensitive information. Employees only need access to the information required to complete their jobs.
  3. Employees should protect electronic documents and the company network. Never open a link from someone they don't know, change their passwords regularly, and protect their devices from prying eyes when working outside the office. 
  4. Implement a Clean Desk Policy. Employees must keep their desks tidy, and confidential documents must never be left out in the open for other staff to see. If necessary, lock sensitive data away. Every employee should have at least one lockable drawer in their desk. Printers and filing cabinets containing confidential information should be located in private areas, and locked. 
  5. Partner with a reliable shredding service. Replace open recycle bins with locked storage consoles conveniently placed around the office. Employees simple place documents they no longer need in the locked console. The company will provide secure on-site shredding, quickly and efficiently.
  6. Implement a Shred-All Policy. Employees will never have to decide whether a document is sensitive or not as everything will be placed in the bin and shredded. 

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