Is My Paper Shredder Cutting It?

While most people believe that buying a paper shredder from their local office supply store will keep their business secure, that might not cut it ... literally!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when evaluating the merits of a paper shredder!

  1. Office Materials
    Some in-house paper shredders don't have the power to accommodate paper clips, staples or bound documents. Employees must then prepare each documents to be shredded, wasting valuable time and on some cases, causing them to avoid this task altogether. 

  2. Type Of Cut
    Office paper shredders tend to cut in strips, which can be put back together with new technologies. Secure document disposal such as ShredAll uses a confetti cut, which then becomes mixed in with other shredded paper making retrieval virtually impossible. 
  3. Multimedia & Other Materials
    Less expensive paper shredders usually lack the power necessary to destroy tougher materials like Credit Cards, CDs and Hard Drives, meaning you have to find an alternative way to destroy those sensitive files. 
  4. Capacity
    In-office paper shredders usually can't handle multiple sheets of paper, and they generally have a low capacity - meaning shredding large files can take up quite a bit of time if you have to empty your shredder often!
  5. Longevity
    Inexpensive paper shredders are likely to fail after a period of time because they just aren't created to withstand the amount of wear and tear that comes with being in an office environment. 

Consider the limits of an in-house paper shredder as well as the time and expenses necessary to operate and maintain it, purchasing a low-cost shredder may not be saving you money! More importantly, if your shredder isn't destroying materials in such a way that they would be impossible to reconstruct, the reputation and security of your company could be at risk!

Do you need confidential documents and other important papers to be destroyed? You can count on Shred All Secure Document Destruction for that!

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