Looking For An On-Site Shredding Company?

How you dispose of confidential information you longer need can mean the difference between your sensitive information falling into the wrong hands, or remaining safe and secure.

The Best Document Disposal Companies will ...

  • Use initial as well as ongoing assessments to identify and fix problem areas.
  • Recommend the implementation of a Shred All Policy so employees do not decide whether or not to shred documents, all documents are shredded. 
  • Install locked consoles in convenient places throughout the workplace to ensure documents are kept secure until destruction.
  • Provide cross-cut shredding in a variety of sizes.
  • Issue a Certificate of Destruction after every shred.
  • Ensure customer service is a priority!

Here at Shred-All, we believe that your company deserves only the best in secure document disposal, and we think you should take advantage of our Free Trial Offer! Call 519-418-2448 or Apply Online Today.