Why Implement A Clean Desk Policy

Protecting your company's sensitive data should be a priority. The best way to do this is to provide lockable storage, as well as secure settings and passwords for your electronic devices. All employees should be encourage to protect their electronics and other sensitive data when they leave their desks - even just for a minute. When information is no longer needed, it should then to placed in a locked console for secure destruction. 

Implementing a clean desk policy can help protect your company's sensitive data in many ways;

  1. Privacy Law Compliance 
    In Canada, PIPEDA Legislation requires organizations to safeguard personal information
  2. Fewer Data Breaches 
    The likelihood of a security breach, fraud, or theft of information decreases when private information is protected, and not left in the open.
  3. Reduce Opportunities For Dishonesty
    Leaving sensitive information unattended in a visible area may attract curious eyes, and unwanted attention.
  4. Saves Money
    Encouraging digital files instead of printed documents cuts paper and ink usage, as well as providing a more secure system for document storage.
  5. Positive Space
    Clean, uncluttered work spaces make a good first impression on potential employees, clients, and visitors.
  6. Saves Time
    Research shows that many employees waste time searching through documents for information before they can complete a task. A tidy space would help alleviate this wasted time and energy.
  7. May Save Your Sanity
    Employees with more organized desks spend less time stressing out over not being able to find something. 

A clean desk policy should be a written document that is communicated to all employees.

Check out next week's blog to learn how to implement a clean desk policy in your workspace!

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