Boxes Of Records In Storage?

Use Them To Fund Your New Initiatives!

Doesn't it seem like every year, you go to create a new budget, and there are more and more important initiatives that have to go unfunded? Yet, every year you look at the spending categories in your budget, and you overlook places where you could be saving because you assume these are untouchable. 

On average, 50% of the records in storage for any given client are obsolete, and being held past their retention requirements. If you consider that every box sitting in storage outside your office will cost you between $15-$45 over 5 years, plus the $7-$20 in labour costs you would need to access those records. This adds up, and you would be surprised how much money you're wasting each year. 

Think about it like this. If the average Fortune 1000 company has 1 box in storage for each of their 33,500 employees, that would equal between $250,000 and $750,000 in wasted fees, and another $117,000 to $350,000 in wasted labour. Think about what you could do with all that extra money!

Let us at ShredAll dispose of your stored documents now, before you put off your priorities for another year!

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