Reduce The Risk Of A Breach Over The Holidays

The winter holidays are a particularly vulnerable time for a business. Employees are often distracted by the entertainment of the season, and the prospect of the holiday, and often times there is only a skeleton staff as many workers take time off. 

Information thieves on the other hand never take a holiday, so here are some strategies that can help protect your sensitive information at this time of year!

  • Appoint a CISO
    Research shows that companies with a Chief Information Security Officer responsible for cyber and physical security practices are simply managed better. The responsibilities of a CISO can range from creating a corporate culture of security to tracking and monitoring threats to a companies security.
  • Data Loss Protection
    Internet security policies should always cover threat management across all PC, Mobile, and Social Media activity (which usually increases during the holiday season). They should be sure to utilize the best data loss protection. For small businesses, there are cost effect and reputable anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-spam software!
  • Hiring Policies
    If your business is one that requires seasonal help, the experts recommend always completing a background check before you hire!
  • Restrict Access
    Give each employee access only to the areas, and confidential data that is specifically related to their responsibilities. When taking time off, and working away from the office, employees should remove only the confidential information that they require to complete that immediate task.
  • Online Training
    It's tough to restrict holiday shopping online, but training should underline every possible security risk and all forms of precautionary behaviour. For example, always keep firewalls up, use encryption and password protection, and only use secure networks. 
  • Educate Staff on the Latest Internet Scams
    At this time of year, various companies publish lists of the top holiday scams so you can ensure your staff is informed! For example, McAfee for Business always published a list of the Top 12 Privacy Scams, including deceptive advertising, charities that don't exist, and false shipping notifications! Check out the list from 2014 here!
  • BYOD Policy
    Implementing a Bring Your Own Device security policy that outlines both data loss prevention techniques, as well as physical protection for all devices. Employees who take their electronic devices along for the holidays should take extra precautions for information security.

  • Physical Safeguards
    Implement a Clean Desk Policy with documents being secures and computers being locked down and turned off after hours. 

  • Work with Trusted Partners
    Ensure the companies you partner with are equally committed to information security, and continue with regularly scheduled services such as secure document disposal through the holidays as well. 

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