Do-It-Yourself Risk Assessment

Is your company at risk of becoming a victim of corporate espionage, fraud, or information theft? This quick self-assessment of your office security will help to identify the most vulnerable areas within your organization!

Answer 'Yes' or 'No' to the following questions. 

Office Document Security

Does your organization...

  • Have a secure means of disposal for confidential information?
  • Have locked consoles for the disposal of confidential documents?
  • Have a Shred-All Policy, ensuring that every document is securely destroyed?
  • Monitor any Privacy Legislation that may affect your business?
  • Regularly conduct security audits of your business?
  • Perform full reference checks when sourcing out new vendors?

Employee Training

Does your organization...

  • Perform full reference checks when hiring new employees?
  • Have easy to understand, written document destruction procedures for employees to follow?
  • Review document destruction policies as part of orientation for new employees?
  • Require all employees to practice a "Clean Desk" Policy?

Off Site Document Security

Does your organization...

  • Instruct all employees on proper document security and disposal when travelling or working outside of the office?

Document Retention

Does your organization...

  • Have an up-to-date document retention policy?
  • Store sensitive documents requiring long-term retention in a secure area, where employees have limited access?
  • Use document storage containers that have a clearly marked date of destruction?

How Safe Are You? Add up the number of 'No' answers.

1 - 3

You are doing a good job monitoring risk. Partnering with an expert like ShredAll will continue to protect your business and your reputation!

4 - 6

You are at slightly at risk for a security breach. Try reading some of our other blogs on how to mitigate the risk of a potential breach.


You are at a significant risk of a security breach. You need to act now; a breach could be detrimental to your business. 

Do you need confidential documents and other important papers to be destroyed? You can count on Shred All Secure Document Destruction for that!

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