Where Is My Business Most Vulnerable?

Many business owners don't realize that one of the key places where fraud originates from is within the business itself. Therefore, they often overlook the key areas of vulnerability.

We have compiled a list of the Top 5 Most Vulnerable Areas in Your Office:

  1. Printers
    Many offices have a communal printer, which means that sensitive information is often printed and left at the printing station, or accidentally picked up by an employee who printed before or after. In order to reduce this risk, businesses should ensure that employees secure their print jobs with a personal security code, or allow employees who are constantly printing sensitive informations to utilize a printer within their office.
  2. Non-Secure Recycling Bins & Wastepaper Baskets
    Disposing of sensitive information in an open recycling bin is just as risky as leaving it on the printer, or on a desk. Implementing a Shred-All policy will eliminate the risk of any random person being able to pick up these documents. Shredded materials are still recycled, simply in a more secure way. 
  3. Messy Desks
    Messy desks with paperwork everywhere are extremely vulnerable to snooping and possible data theft. External staff, such as cleaners, who have access to offices can clearly see any sensitive documents that are left out on a desk. Implementing a Clean Desk Policy and providing lockable storage units to employees will greatly reduce the risk of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands. 
  4. IT Device Storage
    Electronic storage devices are very convenient, especially when you can't access the company network. However, they also raise the risk of fraud. One way to counter this risk is by requiring that storage devices be signed out of the office, and by then ensuring that they are securely destroyed when they reach the end of their use. 
  5. Car/Homes/Hotels
    In the past, employees mainly worked at the office, and rested at home. With the mobile workforce becoming a more popular option, people are starting to access their filed remotely from anywhere. While this is convenient, it also increases the risk of confidential information being left in non-secure areas. Organizations should caution employees to only take sensitive data outside of the workplace when absolutely necessary, and teach them about secure disposal when outside of the workplace.

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