Small Business Security

As incidents involving malicious internet users become more prevalent in the news, it's easy to forget that sometimes, data breaches are caused by human mistakes in the workplace; using unsecured recycling bins, forgetting to back up data, and not enforcing rules regarding document management when working remotely are just a few of these slip ups. 

For a small business with a limited (or non-existent) budget for security, this can be both a relief, and a concern. While the risk of a data breach remains high, there are simple but powerful safeguards that can be put in place. Improving information security needs to be a major priority for a business of any size.

March is Fraud Prevention Month in Canada. 

Small businesses can reduce the risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands by following these four tips for beefing up security.

  • On-Going Training
    Every employee within your organization needs to understand why security policies are in place, and exactly how to follow these procedures. Security Awareness Training can be as easy as regular staff meetings where employees are updated about information security, and taught the safest ways to share critical information online, as well as how to handle confidential information while working outside of the office. 
  • Secure Mobile Data
    A recent study has shown that nearly all small businesses have cyber security systems installed on their company's desktop and laptop computers, but that only around 60% have the same protection on their mobile devices. One easy step to ensure your mobile data is secure is to encrypt devices with password protection. The next step would be to install other tools capable of blocking malware and detecting cyber attacks. 
  • Have A Response Plan
    Everyone needs to know what to do if a data breach does occur. Check out this free toolkit for creating a Security Breach Response Plan from the International Association of Privacy Professionals. 
  • Sweat The Small Stuff
    Businesses should provide lockable drawers or filing cabinets to store sensitive information, employees should regularly change their passwords, and there should be document management procedures in place for both storage and disposal.

Try this simple, but effective, system and improve your information security today!

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