Time For Spring Cleaning

'Spring Cleaning' is the process of thoroughly cleaning your house to be rid of all the winter dirt and clutter. Now, you can apply those same principles to your organization's Information Security Policies!

Your Tasks:

  • Organize
  • Clean House
  • Implement New & Better Systems

The most efficient way to clean is by starting on the top floor, and working downwards. Similarly, the most efficient way to clean up your policies is by starting at the Executive Level, and working downwards. 

  1. De-Clutter
    Every workplace should have an extensive information management program that outlines both retention and destruction schedules based on the privacy laws of the industry or province they work on. Be sure to label all files with their retention and destruction dates.
  2. No Short-Cuts
    Implement a Shred-All Policy so that all document which are no longer needed are securely and completely destroyed. This policy will ensure that employees will no longer have to decide if information is sensitive enough to be destroyed - which will reduce the risk of a security breach. 
  3. Clean Out Storage Areas.
    Some companies still hoard old equipment like computers, while other wipe all information from hard drives and then trash everything. The only way to guarantee that sensitive information stored on e-media is secure is to physically destroy it. 
  4. Hire Cleaning Experts to Help.
    Partner with a reliable document destruction company to ensure that your documents are destroyed properly. 

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